This free service helps you to express your feelings about your loved one in words, pictures, music and even video.

It can also help all those affected by the loss to come together, sharing memories & supporting each other.

You can create your tribute site here and we hope that it helps you to remember & commemorate.
The Data Trust   MuchLoved is an endorsing member of The Memorial Code (A voluntary code of ethics for Memorial Website Providers)  Fundraise in Memory of your loved one
MuchLoved is a Registered Charity
Reg No. 1118590

The MuchLoved Community

MuchLoved also maintains an online Community forum to provide mutual bereavement support and information to help you best cope with your grief. This Community is a way of bringing you together so that you can support, console, listen and advise one another.

In the Community you will find a number of discussion rooms called forums dealing with specific types of loss such as the loss of a partner or the loss of a child, so that you can best meet people living with similar situations as yourself.

It also provides information on places to go for support, suggested bereavement reading and extensive online help files for using our memorial website service.

The Community is confidential and whilst you have to register in order to post entries, you do not need to give any personal details or your email address if you would prefer not to. Why not have a look and just listen? You can join in whenever you want or feel able to.

To visit, simply click here or go directly to

WebLink Plaques

You can have a Tribute QR plaque which you can attach to the grave or headstone and enables visitors to connect to your tribute site via their mobile phone.
To find out more, please contact us or our QR partner Forget Me Not