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The Institute of Cancer Research

Extending the lives of cancer patients through world leading research.

From its foundation in 1909 as a small research department of The Royal Marsden Hospital, The Institute of Cancer Research has grown to become one of the world's leading cancer research organisations.

Our scientists have made some of the most significant advances in the fight against cancer - having a profound influence on research, diagnosis and treatment around the world - and saved countless lives.

It was the ICR that first noticed the suspected link between smoking and cancer. It was the ICR that first recognised that all cancers are genetic. It is the ICR that is now identifying hundreds of genes that contribute to the development of cancer. And it is the ICR that is developing new drugs to target the genetic causes of many different types of cancer.

To do all this we need to raise the necessary income to support this research and that is why we rely so much on our supporters' generosity.

You can be sure your donations will be put to good use as the ICR is one of the most cost-effective cancer research organisations anywhere in the world, with over 90p in every pound of our total income going directly into research.

To make a donation to The Institute of Cancer Research now:

Visit The Institute of Cancer Research:

Memorial to Declan Jacob Marnell
Declan Jacob Marnell
2005 - 2008
Memorial to Foster
1941 - 2007
Memorial to Adam Charles Hunt
Adam Charles Hunt
1988 - 2007
Memorial to Ken Francis
Ken Francis
1945 - 2009
Memorial to Megan Grant Burke
Megan Grant Burke
1979 - 2011
Memorial to Olivia Harrison
Olivia Harrison
1997 - 2008
Memorial to Sam
In Loving Memory of Samantha Carter
Memorial to Wend
1952 - 2008

Memorial Plaques

We are testing a tribute tag which you can attach to a plaque or headstone and enables visitors to connect to your tribute site via their mobile phone.
If you would like to find out more, please contact us