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MuchLoved Memorial Website

If you would like to create your own memorial website online for someone you have lost and cared about, please do give MuchLoved a try. It is very easy to create your tribute and the service has been designed to be as sensitive and as personalised as possible. MuchLoved is a charitable organisation and is purely dedicated on helping the bereaved to work through their grief. You can find out more at MuchLoved

MuchLoved was established initially because one of the founders wanted to set up a memorial website for his brother who died suddenly at University in 1995 aged just 21. The idea of a memorial website was at that time quite unusual partly because, apart from a newspaper obituary and the funeral ceremony itself, society deemed bereavement as a private matter, almost a sickness, to be resolved in private as quickly as possible. This approach benefited society, but not the bereaved. The growth of memorial websites in recent years remembering the loss of loved ones shows how the bereaved want and need to externalise their grief and sadness as well as to pay tribute to the memory of their lost one. MuchLoved is overseen by a board of Trustees and there is full website information about the current trustees on the website.

MuchLoved is dedicated to the memory of Philip Davies. He is sadly and greatly missed and was the inspiration for MuchLoved.

Philip’s online memorial website

This is listed at the MuchLoved Memorial Field and has been made available for viewing to anyone who is interested. His unique hosting address is Thank you to everyone who has contributed photos and thoughts. Natasha, thanks for learning how to load an mp3 on to your computer so that you could contribute your song to his site!

Contributing to his memorial

Please can I request that you only contribute if you knew Phil or know his friends and family. I was keen to give open access to his memorial and whilst I am happy and grateful to receive thoughts and condolences, due to the number of people viewing his memorial website I need to restrict contributions to those who are connected to his life in some way. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit his memorial however, it is very much appreciated and being able to open out our feelings, thoughts and memories has been very helpful in coming to terms with his sudden and tragically early death.

How to set up a memorial website

This can be done at no great expense with the memorial website costs simply reflecting the actual hosting costs of keeping the website online. On the MuchLoved website there is an easy to follow wizard to help you create your own memorial website in 5 easy steps and this process will only take you a few minutes to complete. There are also full online help files to explain in detail how to maintain and develop your website in the way that you want. You can easily and quickly create a MuchLoved memorial website by following this link.