Media & Press Archive

As the pioneering charitable memorial website, MuchLoved had considerable coverage in the national press in the first years after launching and here are some of the articles that discussed our service. Thank you to those journalists and reporters who helped to tell people about MuchLoved, particularly because it’s not easy spreading the word to a sceptical world when you’re a totally new concept.

The Comfort of Memorial Websites

The Guardian, 7th October 2009

‘New code of conduct for virtual grieving’ – Bertan Budak

The Guardian, December 13 2007

‘A Place To Remember’

Charity Spotlight in Funeral Service Times, September 2007

Computers made our grieving easier

Clare Grant, Yours Magazine, July 2007

The dot.commemoration generation: Meet the women who created websites to cope with their loss

The Guardian, 21st March 2010

i-shrine: A moving examination of death in the age of the internet

BBC Radio 4, Friday 21st May 2010 11:00am

It Gave Him A Special Place

That’s Life Magazine, 29th April 2010