Information about the updated page layout – Autumn 2018

What are the reasons for the update?

With over 50% of users now accessing their tributes on smartphones, we needed to update the tribute page layout so that everyone has a better experience regardless of the device or screen-size you are using to view your tributes.

Many Tribute Guardians (Administrators) do wonderful things in memory of their loved ones and as a result have a lot of content on their tribute pages, including pictures, music, videos, messages and fundraising events and donations.

This can however make page navigation rather complex and so we’ve worked hard to simplify the layouts and improve the display of tribute content such as photos and candles. In particular, it is now much easier to see a full summary of all recent content on your site straight away from the home page, simply by scrolling down on your phone or webpage.

We’ve also made developments behind the scenes to make sure that all your content displays perfectly on all screen-sizes, ranging from wide desktop screens through to small hand-held devices.

Whilst there have been important reasons behind making these amendments, our aim has been to keep the overall page layouts consistent and familiar and we hope you like the updated look.

Example screenshot

Here is an example page showing the updated layout:


Here are details of the main amendments:

Smartphone View

There is now an optimised layout that automatically displays your tribute in a single column on your smartphone.  As well as standard smartphone menu icons and larger buttons for ease of use, all pages can be accessed via a simple scroll and all pictures can be swiped to view.

Desktop View

The maximum tribute page width has been increased to enable a clearer layout with more space and larger fonts when viewing on very large screens. This includes improved buttons for posting to social networks if you have enabled this feature in your Tribute Settings.

Home Page content ‘pods’

Previously you could only see your main image and words of tribute along with funeral and donation-related information on your homepage. You can now see and navigate to recent content added to all pages of your tribute, including candles, lifestories and video, with full control over this display in your Tribute Settings.

Photos, Thoughts & Candles

The new design means clicking on photos will now pop them into a scrolling slideshow and you can share individual photos, candles and thoughts on social media in addition to sharing the homepage. Thoughts and candles have their own, separate galleries making it easier to view them and see all lit and past candles together in one space.

Tribute Design

We also want to make sure the tributes look beautiful, as well as being easy to use.  Many people like to personalise their tribute with a favourite theme and for those who view the pages on phones and tablets, your chosen theme will now display in the background as you view your tribute. There are also plans to further develop your page design personalisation options in the future.

Is there any change to the functionality?

Music Auto-play

This software release is being implemented to help update and improve the layout and navigation of pages rather than to change any functionality. There is however one forced change which is to remove the option to enable auto-play of music when a tribute homepage opens. Recent changes to how the most popular browsers work (that we have no control over) means that this will no longer work. We are sad to lose this feature but need to respond as technology changes. If you are viewing a tribute on a PC you can play the music in one tab and listen to it as you look around the site on another tab.

If you have any questions…

Although the layout of your tribute is being updated please be reassured that all content is still unchanged on your site. MuchLoved is a registered bereavement charity that was founded back in 2000 and we are dedicated to offering you the leading online Tribute service available and to host all tributes free of charge in perpetuity.

If you have any questions regarding the new layout, please email and we will aim to respond to you as soon as possible and certainly within three working days.

With best wishes,

Jonathan Davies
Trustee, MuchLoved Charitable Trust
Registered Charity No. 1118590