This free service helps you to express your feelings about your loved one in words, pictures, music and even video.

It can also help all those affected by the loss to come together, sharing memories & supporting each other.

You can create your tribute site here and we hope that it helps you to remember & commemorate.
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Fundraising In Memory of your loved one

Growing numbers of people are looking to take positive action in response to the death of a loved one by raising money for good causes.

This might be to support the work of a charity, to help fund medical research, or just as a way of thanking a support organisation such as a hospice that may have helped. It may be also that your loved one had a personal favourite charity in life that you wish to continue to support into the future.

A popular new request as part of arranging a funeral is to request donations for a chosen charity in lieu of flowers and many MuchLoved website creators now use their tribute sites as the means for collecting and displaying such donations. By collecting through your tribute site, you are able to directly link and dedicate the money raised to the memory of your loved one.

Thank you for considering supporting the work of a charity in memory.

Where to next?

Do you work for a charity or an organisation that supports bereaved people?

MuchLoved is an ideal way for supporters to donate in memory as part of a charity fundraising event or a Tribute Fund scheme. Please click here to find out more.

WebLink Plaques

You can have a Tribute QR plaque which you can attach to the grave or headstone and enables visitors to connect to your tribute site via their mobile phone.
To find out more, please contact us or our QR partner Forget Me Not