The Team

Current Trustees

Jonathan Davies


Jonathan studied Geography at Cambridge University where he was President of Fitzwilliam College undergraduate association before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1994. Following the untimely death of his brother in 1995 and his mother in 1998, Jon founded MuchLoved in order to help others with their own grief. He remains as passionate as ever about the service and is always looking to devote time and energy to help forge and shape its development as it continues to grow from year to year.

Andrew Daniels


Andrew loves invention and was responsible for the initial transition of an idea kept within a head down onto a phenomenal number of A3 sheets of paper and then finally through to programming code. It is his support of the MuchLoved ideals, his attention to detail and long-term vision which has ensured that the MuchLoved service has received such amazing feedback from users over the years. We are delighted that Andrew has agreed to act as one of our MuchLoved Trustees.

Jonathan Lomax


Jonathan became involved with MuchLoved as a long term friend of the founder and also as someone who has lost a brother unexpectedly at a young age. As Managing Director of a successful UK manufacturing Company, he brings substantial commercial skills and understanding to the organisation.

Our Enthusiastic Team

Helen Strudwick

Tribute Support

Helen is responsible for managing the MuchLoved support desk, aiming to provide a prompt response to calls from individuals, in addition to answering queries from charity partners and funeral directors. Helen’s background is in the Major Donor fundraising sector, working for some fifteen years for charities including The British Museum, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Mencap, and The National Gallery.

Sarah Serkis

Tribute Support

Sarah helps manage the MuchLoved support desk, along with overseeing donation processing and administering the partnerships with charities and funeral directors. She’s a steadfast instant coffee drinker in an office full of people drinking tea and overpriced cappuccinos.

Sally Swann

Charity Development

Sally came to us from a background in Corporate Fundraising and has been with us for over 10 years building up our fabulous network of charity and funeral director partners. Sally has a love of green veggies and herbal teas.

Clare Holt

Tribute Consultant

Clare has previously worked as a Senior Manager at Accenture Consulting helping clients develop and implement new business models and products. We are delighted to have Clare now using these skills to work with our partner charities to assist in developing their use of the MuchLoved platform for the creation of Tribute Funds in memory of loved ones.

Catherine Betley

Tribute Consultant

Catherine has over 16 years experience of working in the voluntary and community sector at local, regional and national levels, including a significant period serving as Director of Cruse Bereavement Care. As a Tribute & In Memoriam Consultant for MuchLoved, Catherine is aiming to help both funeral and charitable organisations develop and grow their tribute fundraising and to maximise the use of these to support bereaved families in commemorating loved ones.

Chantelle Rose

Tribute Support

Chantelle helps with donation processing and has the friendliest voice you will ever hear at the end of a phone line. She’ll never fail to give you a smile, particularly useful on a Monday morning. We also suspect she drinks more tea than is humanly possible.

Catherine Watson

Tribute Consultant

Catherine helps liaise with many of our funeral and charity partners, always bringing a happy face and an unstoppable positive mental attitude to the office. When not at work supporting our partners, you will often find Catherine down at the hockey club, certainly never in front of a TV.

Richard Baker

Funeral Partnerships

Richard worked for over 12 years in a large multinational utilities group before deciding the time was right to embark on a role change and to move into the charity sector. Richard is leading our partnership push with funeral directors and is busy delivering both presentations and training as more and more funeral organisations opt to offer their clients a Tribute site as part of their service.

Sherwin Rice (Greenway)

Technical Architecture

Run by Sherwin Rice, Greenway Technology have helped take MuchLoved to the next chapter in its development. Bringing more exceptional talent to the team, Greenway Technology routinely make the impossible possible, with a consistent excellence and unparalleled speed.

Nathan Pope (Abstract Base)

Technical Architecture

Run by Nathan Pope, Abstract Base lovingly crafted each line of code needed to bring MuchLoved to your screen. As the project developed and grew, it became more exciting but complex and the skill, effort and enthusiasm of Nathan and Abstract Base were pivotal in translating MuchLoved in to reality.

Paul Dunn (Diablo)

Design and Development

Supporting us since launch, design and web specialists Diablo, run by Paul Dunn, were crucial in setting the design language and tone-of-voice of MuchLoved, helping us create unique, beautiful and sensitive Tribute designs. Diablo are responsible for the design output across every element of the MuchLoved service, both online and in print.

Maggie Dwyer

Tribute Design

Maggie has a creative design background and helps ensure that our Tribute designs are just perfect and that all our partner pages stand out from the crowd. Maggie is married with 2 energetic boys (3 counting her husband) and previously worked as Creative Head of Design and Development at the BBC before supporting the MuchLoved team since early 2009.

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