Common Questions FAQ

We appreciate that you need to know all the details before deciding whether MuchLoved is the right home for your Tribute.

If your question has not been answered here please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please note: we try to respond as quickly as possible and always within a working day, however there is inevitably a short delay when dealing with any new request for information.

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    Creating my Tribute site

MuchLoved has a clear set of Terms and Conditions designed to help and protect all those who use the service. You can view here >
It really does only take a few minutes to get your website created. Tell us if we’re wrong and we’ll change this response!
No. We have designed the service so that you can set up your website first to see how it works and then return at your own leisure to add your preferred words, photos and other content as well as choose designs and other individual setting options. Your Tribute also has a suggestions ‘Help’ page to help you develop and personalise it further after the initial setup.
No. A fundamental aim of MuchLoved is to enable all bereaved people, regardless of computing ability, to create a beautiful website Tribute to their loved one.
No. The service is completely free to everyone.
No. If after creating your website you decide it is not for you, then you can instantly deactivate it, however if (as we hope) you find it of comfort and support you can keep and develop it in perpetuity without any charge whatsoever. MuchLoved is a registered bereavement charity and our whole purpose is to enable people to create a special tribute site for someone they love, to help with grief.
Much more than you might expect. Your free website is provided with sufficient space to add virtually unlimited text, numerous photos and some music and video. If you do need additional memory space you can just increase your allowance at any time for a small contribution towards the extra memory storage costs.
Virtually. The service is designed to be used either on personal computers, tablets or smartphones, although devices with larger screen sizes are recommended. MuchLoved support all current and recent internet browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge, so please do ensure that your browser software version is not out of date.
Firstly look out for the help files that guide you through the creation process. If you are still having problems, please email or look at the Contact MuchLoved section and we will reply individually to your question.
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    Creating a Funeral Notice

There is no difference in the underlying website, however the Funeral Notice has a special highlighted section providing details of all the practical funeral arrangements for you to share with your funeral guests.
One of the benefits of combining the funeral notice as part of an underlying tribute site is that you can also collect funeral donations and your guests can post messages of condolence and light remembrance candles when they visit the site.
The only essential information is the date and time of the funeral. All other details such as location, map, donation instructions and wake arrangements are optional or can be added by you later on.
There are lots of ways to share or invite, which you control. The funeral notice has its own unique website address (URL) which is easy to share by email, plus there are optional social network share buttons on the notice itself as well as an ‘Invite Manager’ within your Settings area which automatically emails an invite to view to anyone you choose.
You simply select your chosen charity as part of the creation process, or at a later date in your Settings area, and then a Donate facility will automatically display for guests as part of your notice. This accepts donations by all major credit and debit cards along with Apple Pay. You can add more than one charity if you wish and there is also a special ‘Donation Instructions’ field where you can provide any details about your choice of charity and why you are collecting donations for them.
All charities receive real-time reports of all donations made so that they are kept immediately informed. The actual donation along with any Gift Aid reclaimed for them is then sent to the charity on a monthly basis along with a Payment Report. This process continues for as long as donations are received, so there is no cut-off date beyond which donations have to stop.
Absolutely. There is also an easy tool for you in your Settings to add details of these ‘offline donations’, so that cash and cheques received along with any messages can also be added onto your site if you wish and be included in the total amount raised.
Nothing happens unless or until you decide. It’s easy to deactivate the site if you wish, however you can also archive the funeral notice whenever you’re ready but still keep the tribute site going, along with its pictures and memories, for as long as you wish. You can also continue to collect donations and carry out other in-memory fundraising through the site, to transform it into a special ongoing Tribute Fund.
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    Using my Tribute

There are many options for you to choose from including adding Lifestories, Picture Galleries, Timeline entries, music and video clips, as well as keeping your own journal. The service is designed to be right for you, regardless of how little or how much of the features you decide to use.
They can also add their memories and messages to the Tribute as long as you are happy about this. You control all the access and posting Settings and so you can decide whether other people can add content to your Tribute and also whether you want to review this content before it is displayed.
Photos need to be either .jpg .png or .gif format
Music needs to be the main .mp3 format
Video needs to be .avi .mpeg .mpg .mp4 .mov .wmv .mv4 or .flv or .3gp
There are help files when content is added, so that any file format limitations are explained.
Whilst you can do this as part of any contribution such as a LifeStory, we recommend that you first copy the wording into Wordpad or Notepad in order to remove any formatting contained hidden within the word document which might otherwise cause the content to display incorrectly when pasted into the Tribute.
The only limit is the 100mb memory space available for each Tribute, which is enough for unlimited text, many photos and also some music and video. If you do need to add more content, such as lots of video, you can simply increase your allowance at any time for a small contribution towards the extra memory storage costs.
Yes. You can amend and develop your site at any time and we actively encourage you to do this as a way of commemorating, paying tribute and working through your bereavement and beyond.
Yes. You can update your design theme whenever you want, as many times you want. There are a great range of themes and backgrounds to select in your Settings area as well as some specific themes such as Christmas and Easter themes.
Yes. There is an option in your Account Settings to amend your website name at a later stage if you wish.
Whilst you can add links to other websites, these have to be text links rather than html links, in order to prevent possible problems from misuse of the service through commercial links being added, as well as links to web-pages that are not maintained and then become invalid.
Yes, in your ‘Invite Manager’ you can select one or more people to jointly administer your Tribute with you as combined Tribute Guardians.
Yes, in your Settings there is the option to nominate another person to take over administration of the Tribute from you. Please note that we request their confirmation of agreement before ownership is transferred across.
Google indexes all websites on the internet and as your Tribute is a unique website it is likely that it will be indexed by them, however this may not be for some days or even weeks after the Tribute has been created.

If you do not want Google to index your Tribute, please select ‘Private’ access in your Settings which will prevent anyone, apart from people you specifically invite in your ‘Invite Manager’, from being able to access or view your Tribute.

Yes, you can easily link your Tribute site to social networks whenever you want, for instance when you post a message, add a picture or light a candle. As some people do not want to use or share on social networks, it is also simple to turn off the social network sharing facility in your Settings.
Your Tribute will last as long as you want and many users choose to keep their Tribute going as a permanent commemorative memorial site.
This is completely fine. You are provided with the facility to deactivate your Tribute at any time you wish within your Settings.
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    Privacy, Access & Hosting

We have created a clear Privacy Policy which is designed to help and protect everyone who uses the service. You can view here >

MuchLoved is a registered charity dedicated to helping bereaved people and we take utmost care with your data and do not and will not share it with any third-party outside of the scope of the privacy policy.

We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Registration ZA205558.

Your Tribute website has its own unique internet address (URL) which is https compliant and so all content is encrypted and secure. We have also structured our software and used leading techniques to ensure you have total control over access according to the privacy preferences you choose, so you can set the exact level of access security that you want.
If your Tribute has Public access, then you or anyone else can view the Tribute as long as you know its website address (You will need to be logged in as the administrator in order to see and access your Settings panel). Please note that anyone who wishes to actually post content onto your Tribute, such as a message or photo, will need to register with the service so that they can be authenticated and we can inform you who has made the posting.
Don’t worry. You will see the ‘forgotten password’ option that you can use to ask us to automatically email a password reminder to your registered email address.
That’s not a problem. You can login using your registered (previous) email address and then update this email to your new one in your Account area. If you have changed email address some while ago and have also forgotten your password details, please Contact Us and we can help you restore access to your Tribute.
MuchLoved was founded with the specific aim of maintaining an online presence that guaranteed the data that people entrust us with is available for future generations. It may seem ambitious in an uncertain world but we are better placed than ever to offer this; We pioneered the concept of Tribute websites back in 1999 and the advent of technologies such as cloud computing have helped us safeguard people’s precious memories in ever easier ways. We maintain ring fenced (protected) funds to cover future hosting costs and as a registered charity we also raise donations to help ensure our long term development and stability.
This is currently 100 MB which is sufficient for hundreds of photos, unlimited text, some music tracks and video clips. In your Account we clearly show you how much space is left at all times and will alert you if you do get close to your limit. You can then add extra memory space if you wish in chunks of 50mb for a small contribution to cover the additional storage costs.
All written content can be copied from your Tribute into any separate online document plus there is the facility to download all pictures. It is not possible to download either music or videos from the Tribute.
We understand that reliable hosting and service uptime is key to you and we use an industry leading company to host our services. We are happy to provide full current details on request if you Contact Us.
MuchLoved was established in 1999 and our pioneering tribute website service was launched in 2006 so we now have a track record stretching well over a decade. Whilst we are always wanting to help new people benefit from our service, we always remember that our primary obligation is to our existing users that entrust us to run and maintain their Tributes.
We run comprehensive back-ups of all Tribute information to help safeguard your Tribute but duplication is always an advisable data-preservation strategy so we do recommend that you also copy and save content from your Tribute site. In particular, since we hold some types of media in an optimised or compressed format we always suggest that you keep your own independent copy of the original files that you add to your site.
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    Donations and Fundraising

There is an integrated facility that enables you to offer an online donation facility as part of your Tribute site that can collect donations through all major payment cards for any UK charity or charities of your choice. As the leading in-memory donations platform in the UK, over £35 million has been raised to date by our users.
No. You can turn the donations facility on or off in your Settings at any time. Whilst many people find it a positive and helpful experience to collect donations in-memory, there is absolutely no obligation to do this and many users simply use the Tribute service as a bereavement or commemoration service.
You can support any UK charity regardless of its size and it is easy to specify an individual charity branch, appeal or hospital ward for your donations if you wish.
We offer a Gift Aid declaration facility and process all reclaims as part of the donation collection service. The majority of donors are able to claim Gift Aid which makes a real difference to the total amount raised for your nominated charity or charities.
If you wish to collect donations for an organisation which is not a UK charity, you can do this by selecting ‘I’ll choose my own’ in Donation Settings and then you can add their details and the website address for all donations. Whilst you will not be able to use the integrated online donation facility which is for UK charities, you can still easily update and display on your website the details of all donations received.
We deduct a 3.2% transaction fee which includes all development and administration of the donation processing service as well as the full Gift Aid reclaim process. This enables us to run and support the donation facility on a not-for-profit basis, with our transaction fee considerably cheaper than that of other suppliers such as JustGiving.

There is also a 1.25% payment card fee deducted by the card processor, which is the same as for any other online transaction. There is no other fee or deduction.

MuchLoved do not store or hold any credit, debit or other payment card details.
Yes, due to the administration costs of processing there is a £5 minimum online donation.
Yes. During the payment process there is the option to donate completely anonymously or to hide the amount you have donated. [As the Tribute administrator, you can also select to keep all individual donation amounts hidden from display if you prefer].
All charities receive real-time reports so that they are proactively informed of all donations made. The actual donation along with any Gift Aid reclaimed for them is then sent on a monthly basis along with a Payment Report. This process continues for your Tribute on an ongoing basis, so that you can continue to collect donations and fundraise for as long as you want.
There will shortly be the option for donors to choose to make a regular donation, such as monthly or quarterly, which will automatically be added to your Tribute each time, with the donor recognised on your Tribute site as a regular supporter.
We believe that it should be made as easy as possible for people to donate however they want and so there is also an easy tool for you in your Settings to add details of these ‘offline donations’, so that cash or cheques received along with any messages can also be added onto your Tribute site and be included in the total amount raised.
Yes, your site has a specific fundraising page that lists all the events that are supporting your Tribute in chronological order. You can encourage others to add their events as well, so that your website becomes the hub for recording and promoting all the events and/or activities that are taking place to support your Tribute.
Yes, the events can be both individual or team events and they can be awareness as well as fundraising events. There are an amazing and inspiring array of activities that have taken place on MuchLoved Tributes ranging from mountain climbs, skydives and marathons through to memory walks, cake sales, balloon releases or even sponsored head shaves.
Yes. You can easily add details of any event that has already taken place, so that it can still be recorded on your Tribute and any monies raised added to your overall Tribute Fund total.
Yes. You can link any event on MuchLoved to an existing JustGiving page and then details of all donations and messages will automatically synchronise and display on your Tribute site as well.
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    Questions from Tribute visitors...

If you do not know the Tribute site web-address you can search on name using the Search facility at the top of the page. Please note that only Tributes provided with public access will appear in the search results.
Each Tribute has an administrator (we call them the Guardian) who manages the Tribute and any content that displays on the site. The person who creates the Tribute is normally the administrator however they can share this role with others or even transfer ownership to another person.
If the administrator is happy to be contacted, there will be a ‘Contact’ link displayed on the Tribute site page, where you can send them your message. If this Contact link is not displayed, any request to make contact with the administrator must instead be made through the MuchLoved support team via the Contact Us page. We will forward your message on for you but can not guarantee a response.
Normally this can be done very easily using the ‘Contribute’ option on the Tribute page and we thank you for getting involved and helping to share your thoughts and memories. Please note that sometimes the Tribute administrator does not wish to open up the Tribute to additional postings and in these cases there will not be a ‘Contribute’ link available for you to use, or it might be restricted to accept only certain types of contribution such as just pictures and candles.
Photos need to be either .jpg .png or .gif format
Music needs to be the main .mp3 format
Video needs to be .avi .mpeg .mpg .mp4 .mov .wmv .mv4 or .flv or .3gp
There are help files when content is added, so that any file format limitations are explained.
All new postings appear immediately on the Tribute site, unless the administrator has chosen to review before they are displayed. In these cases it can be anything from a few moments to a few days before your posting is displayed. Please be aware that the administrator retains overall control at all times and in some circumstances may decide not to add contributed posts for display onto their Tribute.
If a Tribute site is private, the website address link will not enable you to visit the Tribute site.
In these cases, you will need to have received an Invitation email, providing you with a personal login, in order to visit. Please can you contact the administrator directly if you wish to receive an invitation to a private Tribute site.
The MuchLoved team are always keen to help with any query and full contact options are available on the Contact Us page.