Please feel free to read through the testimonials received below. We are grateful for all of them and if you would like to add your own, please contact us so that we can add it for you.

I have twice now found your service to play a critical role in difficult grieving situations and I cannot tell you how important a role the stories, memories, pictures and videos preserved for all time through the MuchLoved sites have played in helping countless friends and loved ones through these situations. Bless you and all on your team!
John Major

I never dreamed that there was a place like this. You have made this site so user friendly and it has helped me to focus on something positive over the last days so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Linda Nicholson

This site gives me daily comfort; I think you all did a wonderful thing.
Paula Edwards

With you i have found a place to comfort me when i feel so all alone.
Suzy Sabanal

I have found MuchLoved to be a wonderful, inspirational website and have personally gained comfort from being able to put together a tribute for my beautiful son Adam in this way
Christina Ford

I truly appreciate all that you and your organization are doing on behalf of bereaved family members and friends. I think it is wonderful and heartfelt.
Judith Williams

Thank you so much to all at MuchLoved for the wonderful memorial tribute I have been able to create for my dear daughter, Kerry Ann. It means so much to me and brings me comfort at the most difficult time of my life.
Thanks again...
Julie Hyland

Thank you for all your support through the rough times lately your support has really helped my family
Sophie George

I just wanted to say how impressed I am at this website - it's so easy to use and I've just posted it via facebook and see it brings up his photo and the link which looks so good. As our family is spread around the world this makes such a difference to us and allows many people to share in his memory. Many thanks,

Hello, I am new to muchloved. I decided to create a tribute to my husband, Evan Lee Tidwell, who passed away in an accident just 14 hours before our son was born. Evan was 26 years old and this unexpected tragedy left us empty, angry, and with an incredible void that nothing could fill. Finally, after searching online for ways to share his story and/or offer support to other families and children who have lost parents, I found this wonderful website! 100% free, user friendly, and QUICKLY set up; ready to go! I love it! 40 something people have reportedly viewed Evan's page and I have heard such wonderful things about the site!; Easy to understand; Accessible; So many options; Beautiful; user friendly; .. And on and on. Just want to give a BIG THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful site, share our story and our hearts, and store those PRICELESS memories with our friends, family, and outstretched hearts, Sincerest appreciation,
The Tidwell/Whittington Family

You guys provide a great service. I looked at a bunch before choosing you. You just seem so authentic and have a heart in the right place. Thank you. Best,
Jonnie Jensen

Thank you very much for running this wonderful site. I love having it to comfort me personally and to share my tribute with others.
Len Scott

Your website has provided a very meaningful way for us to remember Michael, and your care and attention to the site have really been exceptional. Thank you so much!

On behalf of my family - i want to thank you for keeping my brother alive in our memories through this website..
Thank you !!
Prachi Aditya Rattan

We were originally going to build a site from scratch and when the designer asked me how to make it "pretty" for my Mom; I fell apart and couldn't even begin to think of how to make anything "pretty" enough for her. So I went looking for hosted situations and found Much Loved.

Even the Designer has said he "loved" the site and thought; it is perfect.... truth is, even if we had built it from scratch we couldn't possibly have thought of all the nice touches that are available here with you.

So to say I'm delighted is an understatement.
Connie Horner

Your website is so honourable and beautiful for us who have had losses of beloved ones.


Thank you so much for creating this amazing memorial, it has been really therapeutic to be able to create such a beautiful site for my brother, really thank you all.

Thank you tons for touching people's lives by your free site - it meant so much to us. Thank You too for your support during this time.
Kind regards, Pat

My one and only sister went to heaven a year ago and I just never felt any closure and I miss her so very much. We were only a year apart age wise and I always felt she was part of me. After I found you and put a site together for her, I feel peace inside that I couldn't before. I can visit her anytime I want to and keep adding photos and writing poems for her. I can not tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for so many people by letting us put up a site for our loved ones. The pages are so easy to create and so many options. Thank you again for your love and kindness to all of us. You gave me peace and I can't express how much this means to me.
B Shaven

This site is such a wondeful way for people to speak their thoughts whether they are near or far. Your service is so gratefully loved as I am so sure it is by the sadly bereaved.
With kind regards and thanks, Lorraine

Your website has given me comfort for the past 2 years since my mum died,and also after losing my dad I have somewhere to feel close to them share my feelings and keep them alive to me. I feel your website has now made them both count in this world, that they existed.
Thank you, Catherine Lyon x

It has been a very long and difficult… but love filled day for many of us here in Portland, Oregon. Your website has brought joy already to the family and will form the basis of a memorial that our dear friend’s spouse and four children will cherish for years to come. Thank you so much for this gift!
John Major

Muchloved is a lifeline to anyone who is grieving. The community is fantastic and it feels like having a new family, with people who understand how you are feeling, because they have experienced the same rollercoaster of emotions. Thank you for everything you do to make our journey a little less painful.
Ruth Rowan

Thank you for creating such a wonderful site, it's a feeling to me of sending a "letter to heaven", so thank you from myself and my surviving loved ones who have the opportunity to use it.
Wendy Gooley xx

Creating a memorial tribute to my husband Jerry was a turning point in my grief, I think. As everyone else posted, it was so helpful to write down my thoughts and feelings, and to have a special place to go to look at his photos and read over my thoughts. I continue to add new thoughts to my journal, but they are fewer now. I am far from healed, but I would never have gotten to this point without the support from the website and all the members in the forum. Keep up the great work you are doing.

This site is Magnificent, and has been very therapeutic for me during my highs and lows.
Carmen Foster

For me, creating a muchloved site for my friend has been a very helpful way of channelling my sadness. I wanted to make a place where all her friends could recount and share their stories and memories, especially as Seonai had so many stories and so many friends. And I wanted a place that we can all return to whenever we like, a place where her son can turn, perhaps many years in the future. Thanks for making all that possible.

What a beautiful thing MuchLoved is, both the concept and the execution. Congratulations and thank you.
Christopher Noel

We wish to send you personally our sincere thanks, and, gratitude for all the hard dedicated work you all do on our behalf. How could we show the life of this precious young girl and daughter without your team at Muchloved. You have all made this possible and for this you are all so special to us.
Ian, Marion & Alistair

I highly recommend this website. Muchloved really looks after their website and I am so glad it allows us to honour and pay tribute to our loved ones.
Monique McLean

I came upon Muchloved by sheer chance, and I am so glad I did, what a brilliant idea!! Thank you so very much,
Bernard Willers

Thank you SO MUCH! I can't tell you the overwhelming response I have had from family and friends that have viewed my husband's memorial site. They love it. My 8 year old son has expressed his interest in posting his thoughts on it as well and my 6 year old daughter likes to look at the pictures on it. I appreciate this gift so much - I hope you know how much it means to us! THANK YOU!
Patty Starkey

The site means a great deal to my boyfriend's mother (she has cried over and over again after viewing what I uploaded for her) and she is quite appreciative that your charity has created such a meaningful experience for those who have lost loved ones and she is looking forward to communicating stories, thoughts, pictures, sounds etc. about her father with her direct family and the world.

Thank you for your beautiful site. I feel so much happier now that I have been able to do this for my dear brother. Thank you again. Forever grateful,

It's been such a pleasure putting together this tribute for my father. I never dreamed that there was a place like this. You have made the site so user friendly and it has helped me to focus on something positive over the last few days instead of just feeling sorry for myself. So Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the use of your site and for all of your help.
Linda Nicholson

From wings of angels words fall onto paper. This site has allowed me to send those words to my husband and family. Cliff will never be forgotten. I visit this site and let my grief and love pour over the pages. You have allowed my family and many others to remember Cliff with smiles and happiness. You will be angels to me.
Pam B.

What a wonderful way to honor our deceased loved ones. It is a comfort knowing that there is a place to pay tribute to my deceased husband.
Monique McLean

This site gives me daily comfort; I think you all did a wonderful thing in doing this!! Thank you very much.
Paula Edwards

I absolutely love the memorial site. This is such a nice way to be able to remember our loved ones. My parents both died when my brother and I were real young. So, doing the sites kind of brings back the priceless memories that I have of them that I can share with everybody in the family etc. I've lost a lot of family over the past 5 years or so. The tribute's were tear jerkers at first and made me emotional. But now they're making me smile. So, I do feel that they are definitely helping me feel better…great therapy! I just want to say Thanks again Jon!
Marge H.

I would just like to say what a wonderful idea this site is. Thank you very much for being part of such a good organization.
Leslie Bailey

It has been so therapeutic for me and has brought me much comfort. Dealing with the pain of losing my brother has been made a lot easier because of your site. If someone else can be helped through my recommendation, I will feel so blessed. Building my brother's memorial has brought back a lot of memories through the photos I've used to tell his life story. I would not have had that if not for this site. My brother loved helping others, and it appears he's still able to extend a loving, helping hand, even in death. With much gratitude,
Linda Jordan

Creating my tribute to Tracy has helped me so much so I give credit to you where's credits due for allowing people to keep their loved ones memory alive. The MuchLoved site has done our Tracy more justice, as it is the most beautiful and rewarding site on the net. My friends have all commented as well so thank you for everything. All my love,
Carrie xxx

I am so glad to have found much loved. It is really helping me just now.
Joyce Bell

This is an amazing website. What a wonderful idea. I miss my Mum and Dad so much and not one day passes without me thinking about them. This is a very healing exercise as it is helping me by talking about my memories of her and my Dad which will live on forever in my mind and now here. When I feel sad I will read it and keep adding news and stories until I get all my feelings down and I will never forget. Thank you so much. You have given me a way of coping with my grief.
Margaret M

I LOVE the much loved web site, it was just what I was looking for. It has really helped us cope with our loss.

It's amazing how much has gone into all this. I began using this site at the end of May I think, and I've seen it grow and it's great. Thank you again, this site has given me back some life and it's given me something I can look forward to seeing grow in the future and know I was a part of. Thank you,

Thank you so very much for creating such a beautiful place for all of those grieving, to remember our loved ones and to share their lives through your site. I am a single mother who has lost my only child. With you I have found a place to comfort me when I feel so all alone. It reminds me that I am not alone.....and I feel "MUCHLOVED"....thank you.....
Suzy Sabanal

I would like to thank you so much for your website. Over the past few days it has given me comfort to be able to write thoughts to my sister. My mother and I found our loss so hard to bear even after 2 years, your site will help us to feel closer to Kim.
With much love, thank you. Jackie

Thank you so much!! I really do appreciate it. I miss Mom so much and going to the website and looking at the pictures of her life really helps. It is almost like she is here with me. It is a wonderful service you provide for all of us out here who have lost someone. Again, words can't express how much I appreciate it! I have spent a lot of time here, some with smiles and some with tears, but it has all been a blessing to me.

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful site, free of charge, for grieving families & friends...I can't afford at this time to make a site in memory of my son from other fee needed sites...So I thank you for giving me this opportunity to honor my son...I look forward to adding on to it...and navigating my way through this whole process called Grief...Thanks again for being here...
Mary Mertens

What a beautiful place you have given us, THANK YOU. I am a bereaved parent of 8 years and still searching for comfort, as I found your website today. I am very excited to work on Taylor's Memorial page. What a wonderful gift you have given ME!!!
Thank You again,

It's been terribly difficult since August 31st, but having this site has allowed me to feel like I'm still connected in some small way with my brother. I will recommend this site to others who may want to honor and keep the memories of their loved ones alive. God bless you,
Linda Jordan.

It has been a blessing to have a place to go to. I had looked at several sites before choosing this one and I particularly liked the time line feature. It has helped me to try & get a clearer picture myself of all that has gone on. Thank you again for everything you did for the memorial. Mahalo & Warmest Aloha!

Many thanks for allowing us to make our tribute to our daughter. It has been a source of great comfort to us. Kind regards,
Sonia Cockram

I hope the memorial I created for my Dad will be a place we can all come to remember, share, and honor my father. Personally I find it therapeutic to work on his life story etc..
Thank you and everyone at much loved for providing such a wonderful site.

Thank you so much for creating this site, it is a wonderful idea. I know it will take me a while to complete my tribute to Ken, but it is good to know that I can keep coming back to it and then – when I am ready – I can share it with our family.
It is 14 months today since I lost Ken and I was only told about your site and the Merry Widow site a few weeks ago, how I wish I had known about them back in those early days when I felt so alone. Many thanks for all you do.
Jenny Kerr

I cannot begin to express how much you have helped me to deal with some of my emotions, and the loss of my love. Being able to create Debbie's tribute has helped far far more than any other means I have tried since she passed. It's always a place I can go, no matter where I am, and spend a few moments with her. The community forum has given me fresh thoughts, and support, and much comfort as well. Being able to help others with comments and poems and such, and reading their thoughts as well, has been a true Godsend. Thank you so much for caring.
James Grainger

Thanks again for all the support...my family loves being able to go on and just look at what people had been feeling today or yesterday. THANKS!

The website has been a wonderful way to express feelings and thoughts about my dear neice since she left us. Being able to look at pictures and write about her life in this way keeps the memories alive. Thank you so much
Linda Brett

The response to the web-site has been overwhelming and quite unexpected. It was a way to turn my grief into immediate action, to channel energy into something constructive to help me deal with Tommy’s passing. I had no idea or expectation that it would end up being such a vital part of the grieving and, hopefully, healing process for so many. I am grateful for that, although I cannot claim it as an original intent.

Now, because of all the fabulous contributions --- music, thoughts and photos --- this website firmly belongs to the community of people who loved and knew Tommy. It has vastly surpassed any expectation one might have had and I hope it continues to evolve to form a more complete memorial for Tommy.
Steve Liesman

I would like to take a moment to thank you for starting a site like you have...It has really helped us at this time. Again thank you so very much
Jana Stefanovich

I wanted to say that I completely love what you've done with MuchLoved. I think the design is brilliant, and I think you should be very proud of the way it looks.
Kate Boydell, MerryWidow.me.uk

Thank you. You have blessed me beyond measure with the beautiful tributes of my loved ones Rocky, Lynn and Mammers. It’s so wonderful to be able to share with our family and loved ones and our friends. I tell everyone about MuchLoved and many have come to the sites and love them. Thanks so much for making this a reality for me and my children and grandchildren.
June Coons

I just wanted to let you know again what a great memorial site MuchLoved is. I’m so glad I found this website and with every kind comment that my family and friends sends it just puts a huge smile on my face.
My daughter was and is my whole life and this page helps everybody understand why. So thank you again for this web site.
April Mendoza

I’ve been looking for somewhere to host a memorial site for my mum. I loved the idea behind your site - that it’s a charitable trust, that you support long term and perpetual hosting, etc. etc. Your templates are very beautiful, tasteful, and present in a very polished way the essentials that most people would want. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful resource.
Sunali Lewis

You are very, very kind, words cannot describe your kindness........I will not forget, as what you have done is so special to people like me and my family.
Hugs and love, Debbie

Just found your site and I must say I’m very impressed! I have been looking for a site for years to suggest to our families but I have either been shocked by the cost or put off by the awkwardness of actually putting a tribute on to the site.
Nick Armstrong, Armstrongs Funeral Service

We love your site and your philosophy. Everyone is so grateful to have this Much Loved site to share and remember our dear friend.
David Spitz

I love this site. I think it’s beautiful, simple and lets all the family contribute.

What a touching, thoughtful and utterly genius idea for a website. I shall be listing my tribute shortly but in the meantime I just wanted to congratulate you all for making a site which oozes sincerity and care. I’m sure you have helped so many people by giving them an outlet to express their emotions and stories about those we have lost. I wish I had found it sooner.
Victoria Hastings

I wish to thank you for providing this lovely tribute page on the internet as
so many of us all over the world have lost someone special in our lives
Isabell Singer

I love the tribute site and what you had done for your brother - it really is special and seems like a wonderful place to channel your grief.

thank you so much for this site. It really helps remember our loved ones in many ways!
Maria Lugo

Hi all, So glad that all your efforts and hard work are bearing fruit. The site is looking very good and I'm sure as word spreads it will grow and thrive. It is something that will give modern families togetherness and comfort. Well done to the team.
Margaret x

I have found MuchLoved.com to be a wonderful, inspirational website. I was extremely moved when i found this website and have personally gained comfort from being able to put together a tribute for my beautiful son Adam in this way
Christina Ford