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MuchLoved Newsletter – March 2009

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Welcome to our March newsletter and spring! As usual our newsletter is packed with a variety of articles providing you with information about recent developments, user profiles and promotional ideas.
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This month we welcome…

“Partnering with Muchloved enables Spinal Injuries Association supporters to set up a long lasting tribute to their loved ones. Muchloved also gives the opportunity for supporters to access bereavement services which SIA is unable to do.” Elizabeth Wright, Individual and Community Fundraising Officer

“We are delighted to be working with MuchLoved, the site is easy to use and offers a great deal of additional bereavement support to our client.” Mark Woollard, Director

Some facts for you
Did you know that of the 10,000 Muchloved tribute websites created to date nearly 75% of them have been created by women rather than men? The reasons for this are an interesting topic of debate but it’s certainly worth remembering to appeal to the fairer sex when creating any literature or promotional material about the service.

Transmitting Personal Messages was established in January 2008 to enable eternal communications and they have partnered with MuchLoved to help bereaved people transmit personal messages into deep space. They are able to transmit our website memorials (including details, memories and images of the deceased) at the speed of light via a dedicated BT transmission dish situated at the historic Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall. From transmission, the message travels over the Mediterranean coast at a height of 450 miles and within five hours leaves the solar system to continue its journey through space and remains travelling across the universe for all time. We think this is a fascinating idea and certainly many of our users have been interested in having their memorials transmitted into space in this way.

Helping users consider Fundraising In Memory
We now ask all users during the tribute creation process if they would like to have the facility for their visitors to make donations to a charity of choice. This was already a feature on our charity partners tribute service but now all users are given the option to choose to fundraise in memory. We hope that this will lead to more site creators wanting to fundraise in support of your charity.

Promotional Idea – Muchloved Leaflets
Have you thought about including information about Muchloved in your In Memorial thank you letters or even considered writing to all those who have previously made In Mem donations to tell them about the Muchloved service. If you would like some of our leaflets to include in with your letters please email us or alternatively we can help you design your own branded information leaflet.