Add a Funeral Notice

It’s easy to add a funeral notice to your Tribute and provide guests with everything they need.

  • Location, date and time

    Let your guests know the important details of the service and the wake or gathering after the funeral.

  • A google map

    An optional, printable, map feature for guests, as well as travel directions to the funeral.

  • Specific Requests

    Let your guests know about any particular wishes for the day, such as what to wear or gifts of flowers.

  • Funeral donations

    Collect donations for your chosen charity or charities and specify any requests, such as in lieu of flowers.

  • Social networks

    Optional social network links to help you share arrangements and special wishes with everyone.

  • Absent friends

    As an online facility, those not attending the service can still leave messages of condolence, share memories and donate.

MuchLoved was the Best Bereavement Resource winner at the Good Funeral Awards in 2014 and 2016 .

Create a Funeral Notice for free

Provide guests with everything they need.

Create a Funeral Notice