Helpful Funeral Services and Products

In this section are a number of organisations who supply funeral and memorial related products and services that may be of interest to you:

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Please note that the companies and organisations in our helpful services section have all been recommended to us and is an independently compiled list. As a charity and as a matter of policy MuchLoved do not accept any commission or payment in kind from any organisation for appearing in this section.

Please do let us know if you have any feedback regarding any of our recommended providers or would like to suggest additional products or ideas to appear here.

Funeral Planners and Celebrants

Funeral Celebrants makes it easy to find a Funeral Celebrant that’s right for you: just enter your postcode and we’ll show you a list of celebrants (from the five major groups, plus independents) that serve your area.

Every family is different and whilst the majority of people in the UK still choose a traditional religious funeral service, an increasing number are considering a Civil Funeral Ceremony. The Institute of Civil Funerals promotes awareness of this important new choice both to Funeral Directors and bereaved families and keeps a public list of registered Celebrants to help people find an appropriate one for their ceremony.

Personalised Coffin suppliers

Colourful Coffins provide a range of distinctive and personalized coffins in both standard and bespoke designs.

Ecoffins is the premier manufacturer and supplier of eco friendly coffins and urns in the UK.

Green Funerals and Natural Burial

The Natural Death Centre charity provides support and advice regarding choices around death, dying and funerals, including a list of all natural burial grounds in the UK.

Funeral Transport

Volkswagen Funerals provide an alternative funeral car service for people who want to make a funeral different, unique and memorable.

Funeral Stationery

Specialist designers and printers of bespoke funeral stationery.

Beautiful, Individual & Memorable Funeral Stationery in memory of someone dear

Funeral Music & Poetry

Bringing the comfort, joy and solace of live music to any funeral service, from sacred music to popular songs that have special meaning for your family

Resources for funeral music, hymns, poetry, readings and prayers

Memorial Keepsakes & Jewellery

Memorial Gifts & Plaques. A family run business trying to offer something a little different to what is readily available in many High Streets

The Woodland Trust, The UK’s leading conservation charity, offer a tree dedication service as a way of marking a life in an original and caring way. As well as helping create new woodland, you will receive a personalised certificate plus a map of your chosen wood.

It is now possible to create a memorial diamond using an extract from the carbon within the ashes of your loved one.
Diamonds are cultivated in specialist laboratory conditions including heat and pressure over a period of many weeks to result in diamonds with the chemical, optical and physical properties of a natural diamond.

Unusual Memorial Ideas

Heavens Above Fireworks celebrates the life of a partner, relative or friend. We arrange special fireworks displays amongst which will be a number of fireworks specially modified to incorporate the cremation ashes, allowing for a spectacular memorial event and happier farewell.

Grave Tendering

Forget Me Not provide a weblink service that enables you to link your tribute site to a graveside marker or other memorial items so that it is easy to share information and memories about your loved one with others.