Tribute Fundraising

Use your Tribute to collect and record donations in memory of your loved one
and support your chosen charities and causes.

Donate in Memory

  • Fundraise online for any UK registered charity.

  • Facility to also donate to non-charitable organisations.

  • All major credit cards accepted, plus integrated Gift Aid processing.

  • As a charity we provide this facility on a not-for-profit basis.

  • Select the level of privacy you prefer regarding access to your fundraising hub.

  • Optional display of Individual donations, along with any donor messages, if you wish.

  • Personalised total-o-meter.

  • Blog and promote your tribute fundraising via all the main social networks.

Collect donations online and personalise the display
of all your in-memory fundraising

Tribute Funds

The hub for all your fundraising activity.

  • Add your Fundraising Events, as many as you want

  • Choose a personalised total-o-meter to display all your fundraising progress

  • Set a fundraising target if you wish

  • Create a Blog for each Event to keep everyone updated

  • Link your Fund via all main social networks

Your MuchLoved Tribute is the ideal way to collect and record ongoing fundraising in memory of your loved one and this is commonly called having your own Tribute Fund. It’s a great way to bring together in one place all the friends or family that want to come together to commemorate a special person and to fundraise in their name.

You have the opportunity to add a personal message about your reasons for fundraising, set a fund target and choose a personalised total-o-meter to display your donations progress. Multiple fundraising events supporting your fund can then be easily added and promoted via an integrated blog and links to all main social networks. You can include a vast array of events and occasions, whether fundraising, remembrance or awareness-based, as one of the joys of having a Tribute Fund is being able to decide, arrange and carry out whatever tribute activities are most meaningful and supportive to you.

Wishing you Good Luck and Thank You on behalf of your chosen charity.

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